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  • Step 1 —
    Your Consultation
    It is important that you select the correct treatment to address your weight issues. At the consultation our extended team will talk with you to understand your issues and map out a program that is tailored to you.
  • Step 2 —
    Your Treatment Plan
    Once the plan of action is agreed the team will talk you through the process step by step to ensure you understand what is going to happen and what is required of you. We then undertake your treatment.
  • Step 3 —
    Treatment & Ongoing Care
    Losing weight and keeping it off is a journey not an event and whether you have surgery or undertake a weight management plan with us, we continue to monitor your progress until you reach your goals.
  • Non Surgical Plans

    For many people, surgery is not the answer, it may simply be that you need a bit of encouragement and a lot of support and our team can help you get started and put in place a plan that lets you achieve your goals.

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  • Implanted Devices

    (Bands & Balloons)
    There are several procedures where
    a device such as a balloon or a band are surgically inserted into or around your stomach. These are simple “restrictive devices” that make you feel fuller faster and suppress your appetite.

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  • Surgical Solution

    (Gastric sleeves)
    A gastric sleeve is a restrictive procedure removing 70-85% of the stomach. This is major surgery and needs to be discussed fully with a specialist consultant.

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  • Counterweight

    Counterweight is a modern weight loss programme intended to support customers as much as possible. Counterweight is currently unavailable and will return in 2015. Watch this space.

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